About Us

SouthSideGrocery.jpgBurnstad’s has a rich family history beginning on June 1, 1944, when Chester and Edna Burnstad started a neighborhood grocery store just across the street from their home. Their corner grocery store, “South Side Grocery,” had four employees and was situated one-half mile west of where Burnstad’s in Tomah stands today. Back then, customers could call in their grocery orders, have their groceries delivered, and even charge them. Although the store had one major supplier, it also supported the local vendors.

Chet and Edna sold the store to their son, Vic, in 1960 and it was renamed “Burnstad’s Supermarket.” The store operated at that location until 1969 at which time a brand new supermarket was built at our present location on Highways 12 & 16 East. In 1977 a Garden Center was added. Two years later various specialty shops and support office facilities were built. All of these areas have been remodeled and upgraded considerably over the past 41 years.

The family tradition continues with Vic’s son, Kent, who is now active President of Burnstad Brothers Inc. Kent’s son, Derek, (fourth generation) serves as company Vice President and Director of all operations.

The Burnstad operation has grown substantially since the first store. Over the past 70 years nine additional supermarkets have been acquired in Wisconsin. Today four supermarkets; Black River Falls, Richland Center, Spencer, and Tomah and a European Restaurant remain.

The Burnstad family extends beyond the customary meaning of ’family’ to include our valued associates and guests. Together as one big family we work to achieve our goals and look forward to the future with optimism.

In Store Services

  • Avoid long lines at the post office while you shop for groceries; pick up your stamps at the guest service counter.
  • ATM Machines
    • ATMs, short for Automated Teller Machines, allow guests to perform banking transactions anywhere and at anytime. By using a debit or ATM card at an ATM, guests can withdraw cash from checking or savings accounts.
    • Black River Falls, Spencer, and Tomah locations only.